UDL looks at learning by addressing 3 networks of the brain:

  • Recognition networks:  The What of learning
  • Strategic networks:  The How of learning
  • Affective networks: The Why of learning

When implementing UDL educators should ask themselves:

What’s your learning goal, what barriers might interfere with your learning goal? To overcome curriculum barriers that limit learning use the 3 principles of UDL to rethink how objectives might be taught and assessed.

3 Principles of UDL:

  • provide multiple means of representation
  • provide multiple means of action and expression
  • provide multiple means of engagement

My struggle with UDL is that those 3 principles just seem like excellent teaching practice (a multi-tiered combo deal of Gardner’s multiple intelligences, Vygotskyian scaffolding, and an awareness of Bronfenbrenner’s Social Ecological Model all balanced out with the use of technology to enhance learning for all students). Have we re-packaged basic principals of exemplary teaching and just called it UDL?